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Our company is primarily focused on growing the classical types of crops such as cereals, corn, sunflower and others. We currently farm in the district of Hodonin. The cultivated land is flat to hilly. The soil types are from light sandy loam to medium clay-loam. Some of the soils in some areas are particularly vulnerable. Farming is regulated by The Nitrates Directive. We pursue some soil conservation technologies to prevent water erosion.

Local conditions of growing are affected by a warm and dry climate mainly due to uneven temporal distribution of precipitation. The average annual temperature is around 9° C. The locally averaged annual precipitation is 550 mm. Our company is engaged in the cultivation of winter cereals and spring cereals. We strive to achieve a food quality wheat due to a higher financial profit. The average yield is 7.3 tons per hectare. We prefer the Czech crop varieties to protect crops from freezing weather. The average yield of oilseed rape is 4.0 tons per hectare and oiliness 44%.

As soon as possible we sow wheat in the early autumn. We feed our actively growing plants by adding fertilizers during autumn and so these plants acquire resistance to frost.

Spring is, for us, the most common time to sow corn for grain. The average yield of corn rape is 11.8 tons per hectare.

Our future biogas plant will be able to operate on a range of own locally generated biomass feedstocks, like corn, to generate clean renewable and reliable energy.


We have a strong treaty with a contractor to the various agronomic operations/tasks in cultivation of crops and cultivation of arable land.

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